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Games Submitted
FWG Bridge by freeworldgroup
Build bridges across canyons.
Blockocide by freeworldgroup
Fast-paced block removing mayhem.
Bubble Blob by freeworldgroup
A crazy under-the-sea match three puzzler. Can you make the biggest catch?
Box Office by freeworldgroup
Turn you box office into a huge enterpise. Upgrade, sell to customers and make lotsa money.
Mummy Tombs by freeworldgroup
Can you survive the mummy onslaught as you enter the tombs of death? Upgrade and buy new weapons in the local mummy store. Pay with your blood!!! Muhahahahaa! Be careful, don't use too many hitpoints in the store, as you will probably die when you leave it.
D-Finder 3 by freeworldgroup
Can you spot the differences? Choose your difficulty level, find the differences and win the game. Bonuses and power-ups awarded for speed. Differences change every time you play the game.
Chute Defense by freeworldgroup
Eliminate the invading force intent on taking Space Station Xorbe in Earth's orbit. If the station is captured then it will become a staging ground for the invasion of Earth itself. You have a huge arsenal of weapons and defensive mechanisms at your disposal - use them wisely and you may prevail.
Boomerpop by freeworldgroup
This is a challenging skill game where your goal is hit all the flying birds and other objects with your trusty boomerang before your time runs out. Remember Watch out for objects that can help or hurt your progress. Try not to lose your boomerang off the side of the screen. Practice controlling the flight of the boomerang.
FWG Knight 2 by freeworldgroup
Your land has been ravaged by evil forces. Go out and defeat the evil that has come and bring joy back to your kingdom.
Evolution by freeworldgroup
grow bugs, look after them, breed them, buy them, sell them and create the ultimate bug.
Crazy Skateboard by freeworldgroup
Use a skateboard or skooter and see how quickly you can get over the obstacle course!
Magi Wars by freeworldgroup
Magicians killing magicians. It's madness, but the war to be the greates sorcerer on the planet rages on. Can you defeat all others and reign supreme?
Giraffe Above by freeworldgroup
Help Jerry the giraffe eat all the apples in the tree without getting his neck in a knot.
Bouncy Draw by freeworldgroup
Click on your raccoon to start bouncing and draw lines for him to bounce on and to get higher. You must bounce your way up the canyon, or risk getting spiked on the dragon below
ET Smash by freeworldgroup
You're an evil alien bent on the destruction of humans. After travelling for millennia you finally arrive on planet Earth and set straight to work. Your objective is to kill, destroy and damage as much of a city as possible before the pitiful humans overcome you!
Zombie Canyon by freeworldgroup
The zombies are rebelling - try to stop them from escaping from the canyon prison and killing the norms at the tops of the cliffs.
Blobstar by freeworldgroup
Blobstar a knight of the Enchanted Castle is on a quest to find riches for his Queen. He seeks the mythical sunken ship that is said to have more gold and silver than could fit in his Queen's castle.
Cookie Tycoon by freeworldgroup
can you be the cookie tycoon?
D-Finder 2 by freeworldgroup
Find the differences between the two images. Remember - differences can change every time you play the game!
Mummy Tombs 2 by freeworldgroup
Oh brave adventurer, your task is to enter the Tombs of Death to find treasures beyond imagining. This is but a simple task, except for the hordes of blood-thirsty mummies guarding the treasure. Explore the tombs, pick up treasures, avoid trap doors, and blast the mummies to hell and back. Buy new weapons by going to the local Mummy Store and pay with your BLOOD! New weapons become available after you kill mummy bosses. Good luck, and try not to die!
D-Finder 4 by freeworldgroup
A new twist to spot the difference games! There are 4 near identical images - each image has one change not present in the others. Your objective is simple, find that difference for each image - total 4 differences per level. Speed counts - bonuses are awarded for finding the differences quickly. Differences change each time you play the game - so play, play and play again!
Stunt Bike Draw 3 by freeworldgroup
It's stunt bike drawing in another galaxy! Draw your jumping ramps, rev your engine and try to jump over the freaky alien beings without killing them or yourself! Do stunts and catch floating bonuses for more points and money. Upgrade your bike and buy new stunts! Some jumps are tricky and require good ramps and skilled driving to get over. Be patient and experiment a little!
Tank 2008 Final Assault by freeworldgroup
Destroy the rebels with your tank.
Zombie Man 2 by freeworldgroup
The world has gone to hell, and the zombies are taking over. In this game you play both human and zombie. You can only change from human to zombie and back again 5 times. Mission or survival modes. Mission objective points shown on the map. If you are changed from your primary form during a mission, you have a free play (go nuts) period until you change back and continue on your mission. Avoid drain covers, you fall in them and lose hitpoints. You can only kill the zombie dog with a mine. Watch out for crazy robots.
CargoMaster 1 by freeworldgroup
Load up your truck at the docks and try to make your freight deliveries before your time runs out. Careful, it's a bumpy road to the warehouse - make sure you don't lose your shipping containers, or it will be game over!
cyborg china by freeworldgroup
chinese version of the game
dfinder 2 china by freeworldgroup
chinese version of the game
fwg knight china by freeworldgroup
chinese version of the game
fwg knight 2 china by freeworldgroup
chinese version of the game
Front2Back China by freeworldgroup
chinese version of the game
fishy hop china by freeworldgroup
chinese version of the game
mummy 2 china by freeworldgroup
chinese version of the game
CargoMaster 2 by freeworldgroup
The second installment to the popular CargoMaster series! This time with more customisations, more levels, new challenges, bonus levels and more fun! Are you up to the challenge of running a successful transport company? This skill game will test you to your limits! Good luck and try not to lose too much freight!

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